Dan Davies Landscaping for artificial grass in Wiltshire


If you love the look of a natural lawn, but don’t have time for constant tending and mowing, come to Dan Davies Landscaping for artificial grass services in Wiltshire.


If you are looking for a low maintenance, hard-wearing lawn that looks good all year round, artificial turf is a winning alternative. Say goodbye to your weekly summer mow and never worry about a weed or patch of moss again.


What is artificial grass suitable for?


Artificial grass is an ideal surface for pets, playing sports, or livening up any small areas such as a balcony or terrace.

It looks fantastic poolside or even placed around a hot tub, it is becoming so popular that some home owners even use it inside the house! If you just want to sit and admire it, that of course is fine as well.

How do I maintain artificial grass?


Maintenance is easy, if your dog or cat has the odd accident, a simple wash with a mild disinfectant will ensure the surface is safe for children to play on. Other than that, maintenance is as simple as giving it a quick brush once in a while to keep your artificial grass lawn free from debris and looking as fresh as the day it was laid.  Artificial grass is also a popular option for new builds, providing an evergreen lawn, which will be the envy of your neighbours!


To find out more about artificial grass in Wiltshire, contact Dan Davies Landscaping on 07818 517440