Fencing for horses & livestock

Dan Davies Landscaping specialise in providing gates and fencing for horses or livestock, in Wiltshire.


An essential part of keeping horses and livestock is ensuring that they are safely and securely contained in their fields and paddocks.


We work with all types of fencing including post and rail, wire and electric, that will keep even the serial escape artists safely in their paddocks.  Gates also come in various shapes and sizes and we can meet every requirement from gates that will keep your property safe and secure, to field or yard access solutions.

When dealing with young or lively horses, gates that are well hung and open and shut with ease, are essential for safety.

We know how sensitive horses and livestock can be and take care to get the job done as quickly and quietly as possible to reduce stress and disruption.


Call Dan Davies Landscaping on 07818 517440 to arrange a quote for your horse or livestock fencing requirements in Wiltshire.