Dan Davies Landscaping provide professional garden clearance and tree surgery services in Wiltshire.  We have plenty of machines to choose from and can clear even the most overgrown and untended areas.


For overgrown areas in your garden or on your land, come to Dan Davies Landscaping for garden clearance or tree surgery services.  The more overgrown the better as we’ve yet to find an area that we could not clear. Our great range of machinery means that we regularly take on jobs that most wouldn’t even consider!


Fallen trees, or hanging branches are not only a nuisance but can be extremely dangerous. That’s why we promise to be on the scene within 24 hours of your call. Fallen trees or branches are quickly and safely disposed of, using qualified tree surgeons who can access the most awkward branches.  We will also get rid of the offending tree or branch, either by removing or wood chipping it on-site. For total removal we offer a  stump grinding service once the tree is removed.


Hedge trimming


Hedges can also quickly get out of hand, growing too tall to manage and casting your garden into permanent shadow.  Our professional hedge cutting service will leave you with a neat looking hedge and we are happy to discuss a regular plan to keep it looking trim all year round.

Liberating your overgrown areas can free up a surprising amount of space for you to enjoy,  so don’t ignore them, let us clear them.


For garden clearance & tree surgery services in Wiltshire come to Dan Davies Landscaping, there really is no job we cannot manage and that’s our promise.