For a range of hedge planting and trimming services in Wiltshire come to Dan Davies Landscaping.


Hedge planting


We can discuss all types of planting schemes, from small garden hedges to large planting schemes for equestrian or other land owners.  Hedges have multiple benefits and can be used to create boundaries, offer protection from the wind, offer privacy and as well as providing homes for birds and insects.


Hedge trimming


From deciduous to evergreens, we can provide every type of natural hedging and also offer maintenance plans to help you keep your natural hedge under control.  An overgrown hedge can look unsightly and also cast your garden into too much shade.  It is not advisable to risk an accident by trying to trim a tall hedge on your own.  Talk to us, as we have trained staff and access to really good trimming and cutting equipment.


Hedge laying


For existing hedges, we offer traditional hedge laying services, which can provide an ecologically friendly fencing alternative. Laying a hedge creates a living fence and is a great way to regenerate an old hedge by encouraging new growth.  Once laid the hedge needs minimal trimming and will last decades, nesting birds will also be very thankful!


To find out more about hedge planting in Wiltshire please contact Dan Davies Landscaping on 07818 517440 and we will be delighted to create your perfect hedge.