Paddock maintenance

Dan Davies Landscaping provide paddock maintenance services in Wiltshire.


Get the most out of your land so your livestock or horses can enjoy well-kept, healthy pastures.


Grazing pastures and paddocks need looking after.  Our paddock maintenance plans will restore even the most rutted, poached or weed filled paddocks and fields.


Many small yards do not have regular access to the equipment needed to carry out regular maintenance, including such rolling, weed killing, fertilizing, topping or re-seeding.  Once you have a plan in place, you can really make your land work for you.  You may even be able to get a good cut of quality hay to see you through the winter!


It is important to keep paddocks clear of dung.  We can build you the perfect muck heap that will keep your yard tidy and improve composting.


If you are fed up of temporary electric fencing posts either blowing down or being knocked over by hungry horses we can help.  We can install all types of equestrian fencing for yard and paddock.


If you have an outdoor school which you’d like to protect from the wind we can advise on planting schemes that will create a private and calm schooling environment.


Call Dan Davies Landscaping on 07818 517440 for paddock maintenance services in Wiltshire.