Land & paddock

Dan Davies Landscaping are always first in the field for land and paddock maintenance services in Wiltshire. We understand horses and are experts in fencing & gate installation.


Perfect paddocks and excellent equine fencing are only a phone call away.


Equine and livestock fencing


Keeping your horses, ponies and livestock safely contained, is normally number one on the list for horse and livestock owners.  We can install all types of fencing, including traditional post & rail, stock wire and electric, guaranteed to keep even your cheekiest horses safely contained!

We can quickly and safely solve all your fencing requirements for paddocks, fields, outdoor schools and yards. A properly hung gate, not only looks smart but is essential for safety when handling young or highly strung animals. Whether for your yard, field or property entrance we can fit the right gate for the job.


Paddock and land management


Sadly, land doesn’t look after itself. Especially when it is subjected to grazing and the British weather. In no time at all bare patches can appear as your paddock turns into a haven for docks, thistles or other unwelcome weeds.

Dan Davies Landscaping are on hand to help out with all those necessary jobs that will keep your yard and land in tip-top condition including:


Field shelters and wooden constructions


With the variable British weather, many horse owners find that a good quality field shelter is a necessity to keep their horse happy during spells of bad weather or to provide relief from flies in the summer.  Dan Davies Landscaping have built a number of field shelters for horse and donkey owners and are will discuss your needs and build to your specification.


Having somewhere dry and big enough to store all your hay over the winter can save both time and money. We design and build all sizes of hay stores, and can also build smaller constructions to keep your winter logs dry as well!


If you are a landowner, horse owner or keep livestock, come to Dan Davies Landscaping for land management and paddock maintenance services in Wiltshire. Call today on 07818 517440.