Planting & border maintenance

Come to Dan Davies Landscaping for planting & border maintenance in Wiltshire.


As most gardeners know, it doesn’t take much time for a beautiful and well-kept border, to start looking overgrown and unruly.  Weeds or other dominant plants can quickly start to take over the show, leaving you with a lot of back-breaking work on your hands.  That’s why we offer our popular border maintenance service in Wiltshire.


We promise to keep your borders in the best condition, so you can sit back and enjoy beautiful blooms, fine foliage or tasty home-grown produce.


If you would like us to create new borders or raised beds from scratch, we can recommend plants that will thrive in your soil type and border location.  We will plant your border to your specification, for example, cottage garden, formal planting schemes, or wildflower areas designed to attract nature.


Sensory planting is also very popular for those who like to enjoy a scented garden, day or night.  We can even help you to decide which vegetables or fruits to plant and create raised borders that are easier for you to manage.


Come to Dan Davies Landscaping for vibrant planting schemes and border maintenance in Wiltshire.