Pond & river maintenance

For river and pond maintenance in Wiltshire, come to Dan Davies Landscaping.


Our team have qualifications in fishery and land management studies and are qualified to take on work involving water spaces and river management.


River maintenance


If you have a river or water course that runs through your land, you are responsible for keeping the water flowing and removing various plants such as Japanese Knotweed from the river bank.

It is also your responsibility to keep structures such as culverts and weirs free of debris, without damaging any of the natural wildlife.  Apart from the increased risk of flooding, landowners can also be prosecuted if they neglect their responsibilities.

If you would like assistance or are not quite sure how to manage your water course, contact Dan Davies Landscaping for an initial site visit and consultation.  We will advise you on the best course of action to keep your water course in great condition, whilst protecting wildlife as well.


Pond maintenance

Ponds need looking after as well.  We can restore your pond to perfect condition, to provide a fantastic environment for fish, aquatic plants and insects.


For pond and river maintenance services in Wiltshire, contact Dan Davies Landscaping to arrange a consultation.