Raised beds

Say ‘no’ to kneeling and call Dan Davies Landscaping, who are experienced in building attractive, sturdy, raised beds in Wiltshire.


At Dan Davies Landscaping we use the best materials to create sturdy, yet attractive raised beds in all shapes and sizes. Apart from adding interest to your garden, raised beds are particularly suited to gardeners who find kneeling or bending over difficult. Raised beds are a great for growing plants and flowers or for cultivating soft fruits and vegetables.


Benefits of raised beds


‘Growing your own’ is more popular than ever and using a raised bed can have many advantages including keeping weeds at bay as well as helping to reduce unwanted garden visitors such as snails and slugs.


Drainage is often improved and you can also grow plants that are suited to a different soil type found in your garden. Increased drainage makes raised beds a popular choice for alpine plants and can even be used to grow smaller trees and shrubs. Due to the increased drainage, soil often warms up more quickly in a raised bed, so you can get planting a little earlier and enjoy a longer cropping or flowering season.


At Dan Davies Landscaping we can produce sturdy raised beds made out of wood, stone, sleepers or brick, that are strong enough for you to sit on, so you can work your beds and reduce fatigue or stress on your back.


If you want to get more out of your garden, contact Dan Davies Landscaping on 07818 517440 for raised beds in Wiltshire.